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I ran through the checklist in my mind over and over again as we walked from campus. Were my lips chapped? Did I put on too much lip balm? Too little? Maybe I didn’t drink enough water? My heart was beating in time with my wristwatch, the thump-thumps of the former marching double-time to the…

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Ang Aking Tahanan (My Home)

The piece below is an attempt for me to process what the last few months have been like. It’s all over the place and I’ll definitely revise it at some point, but it was helpful to better structure the tangle of thoughts and emotions onto which I’d been holding. Manila is exhausting. Even in the…

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Walang Tahanan (No Home)

It was nearing dinner and the words bounced out of my mom’s mouth. Ano gusto mo kainin? My mind immediately translated: What do you want to eat? Simple enough, especially given the time. But the words I sent back just fell flat and lifeless out of my mouth: I dunno. I had one-way amnesia: the…

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